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Yoga +

I truly believe in the power of a regular yoga practice to make you feel good, but our events allow you to take your yoga journey to new heights.

Regular Yoga and Sound collaborations in Durley and Wickham with my sound therapist husband, Andy, monthly Soundbaths with Andy in Botley  and a variety of other workshops and courses throughout the year. 

Dive in and explore where Yoga+ can take you.......

(Gently) Flowing Yoga & Slowing SoundBath

Join me and the amazing Andy of Painting Sounds for the Ultimate Feel Fab Friday!

A deliciously stretchy hour long yoga flow and pranayama (breathwork) with me to ease out the body, a delightfully decadent 55 minute soundbath to slow everything down with Andy, all followed by a cuppa, tasty treat and the opportunity to chat with us and each other, as well to explore one of the instruments in more detail with Andy, including the chance to have a little go yourself.

Reconnect ~ Relax ~ Renew

Durley Memorial Hall - Fridays 18:30 - 20:45

        21st July             17th November


Sleepy Yoga with Soothing Soundscape

The evening begins with a handful of gentle stretches to ease the body and a soundscape movement meditation accompanied by the magical drumming of Andy from Painting Sounds to settle the mind.

We will then move slowly through a hand-picked selection of longer held restorative yoga poses to deeply relax both body and mind, whilst being soothed throughout by the sounds of therapeutic instruments to fully immerse yourself in the experience of radical relaxation.

This will lead into a 45 minute soundbath, dropping you into a deep state of rest.

All rounded off with a cup of tea (or a cheeky prosecco if you prefer), a tasty treat and time to either quietly contemplate and reflect, or have a chat.

Soften ~ Soothe ~ Surrender

Yoga Shed, Wickham - Saturdays 18:30 - 20:45


23rd September


AJS Sound 2_edited.jpg


Drift into a calm, friendly space for an evening of restful relaxation and explore the healing power of sound.

Let Andy, of Painting Sounds guide you into deep rest. The evening will begin with a breathing practice, before settling in to a comfortable laying/seated position to allow the sounds and vibrations from a range of therapeutic instruments

to wash over you, taking you to a blissful state between wakefulness and sleep.

Comfort ~ Care ~ Calm

The Botley Centre, Saturdays 19:45-.21:00

1st July              5th August

2nd September     7th October

4th November       2nd December


Radical Relaxation:
Yoga Nidra

It's back! Running from the Autumn to Spring Equinoxes.

A truly magical practice to bring the deepest relaxataion. These sessions are delivered online via Zoom, so you can get all cosy and not have  to travel afterwards.

We will begin with 5 minutes of gentle seated stretches to soothe the body, before settling into a comfortable lying position, using as many cushions, pillows and blankets as you desire to be truly comfortable. It is then simply a case of listening to the guided relaxation (nidra) to absorb the beneifts.

Release ~ Restore ~Revitalise

Online Monthly Thursdays 1.15 - 2.00pm*

28th September      19th October

23rd November     21st December

25th January '24     22nd February '24

21st March '24

£7 per household

*A recording of each class will be sent to all people who have booked, so even if you cannot join live you can enjoy the session at a later time to suit you

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