Yoga +

I truly believe in the power of yoga to make you feel good, but what if we could make it even better?

I have teamed up with my sound therapist husband, Andy of Painting Sounds to offer you some totally awesome events combining the benefits of yoga with the healing quality of sounds from therapeutic instruments. 

A totally magical combination just for you!

gentle Yoga & Sound Bath

Join us in a cosy, candlelit space for an evening of mindful movement, soothing sounds and deep rest as we combine the magic of yoga and sound therapy for the ultimate Friday treat.

We will begin with a 45 minute gentle yoga flow to ease out the body before transitioning to a 45 minute soothing sound bath relaxation, where you will be bathed in sounds from a range of therapeutic instruments including gongs, singing bowls and a selection of percussion.

Reconnect ~ Relax ~ Restore

Botley Market Hall - Fridays 18:30 - 20:05

1st April              17th June

    29th July           14th October

2nd December


Restful Yoga & Sound Fusion

Step inside a welcoming, softly lit space for an evening of stillness, sounds and complete relaxation as we blend yin/restorative style yoga postures with a soundtrack of healing instruments.

We will begin with a few seated stretches and a breath practice before journeying slowly through a selection of longer held yoga poses to deeply relax your body whilst being bathed in sounds from various drums, bowls and gongs. All rounded off with a nourishing extended savasana.

Soften ~ Soothe ~ Surrender

Botley Market Hall - Fridays 18:30 - 20:05

6th May                    1st July

    16th September      4th November


AJS Sound 2_edited.jpg

Sensational Sound Baths

Drift into a calm, friendly space for an afternoon of restful relaxation and explore the healing power of sound.

We will begin with a breathing practice, before settling in to a comfortable laying position to allow the sounds from a range of therapeutic instruments to wash over you, taking you to a blissful state between wakefulness and sleep.

The Yoga Shed, Wickham Square:

Saturday 30th April - 4.30pm 

Saturday 14th May - 3.00pm

Saturday 18th June - 4.30pm

Saturday 23rd July - 3.00pm

Sunday 25th September - 3.00pm

Saturday 22nd October - 3.00pm

Saturday 26th November - 3.00pm

Saturday 17th December - 3.00pm